Your individual search

S&T Gate-RUS offers access to several databases: You can search either for key research institutions or S&T programmes and find a partner search tool that matches your requirements.
  • Programme database - find funding opportunities

    Finding the appropriate S&T programme for your requirements can be a demanding task given the sheer scope of available funding resources. This database allows you to browse specifically by country, type of programme and thematic priority.
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  • Key institutions database

    The key institutions database is designed to get you in touch with competent S&T dialogue partners from major research institutions in Russia. Browse by research field and/or type of organisation to obtain optimum results for your specific focus.
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  • Partner search finder

    If you want to participate in an international research project, you need to have a partner. Finding partners is not an easy task. There are a number of partner search services provided by NCPs, CORDIS and other entities. Look for the services that also provide advice on creating your profile and apply quality controls to their database.
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